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How to become a JavaScript Ninja?


This post appeared previously on the Polish version of the blog. I decided to rewrite it completely from scratch in English because in my opinion it is a very timeless subject.

Have you ever wondered what to do to master JavaScript and Front-End development? Well, actually I have and, furthermore, I have done research on the Internet and now I have a personal opinion about it. That’s why today I will share it with you guys 🙂

There is a huge chance that you will have something to add to my thoughts so don’t hesitate and feel free to comment below the post! The more good ideas on how to become a JavaScript Ninja, the better for everybody…

Ok, here’s what I think about it:

Learn every day

I know, this is nothing new actually… But if you are a newbe, you may wonder how to learn! For me, most of all, it’s reading. I’m trying to read as much as I can – books, more often blogs and tutorials. There is so much knowledge on the Internet, you just have to reach for it.

Additionally, you can join your local community by participating in, for example, meetups – you can definitely find something like that in you city. You can also take part in a bigger conference. I know, it may often be expensive but maybe your employer can pay for the event? You can justify your request by saying that the knowledge you will attain there may be helpful to your daily work and will make you a better developer so that the company can benefit from it too.

Find your master

Every Ninja has his sensei. You should have your own too 🙂 If you have someone very experienced in your work, it’s awesome! Try to learn from him as much as you can! But it’s not the only way – you can also find a guru on the Internet and consume all his publications: books, blog posts, tweets, conference presentations and video tutorials. You can even have more than one guru – if you learn everyday (see previous paragraph) you will find more than one clever guy you will want to follow. And that’s great! Knowledge is around every corner! Just take it 😉

Write your own blog

I know that it is not for everyone but for me, writing a blog, is the most important way to develop myself. If I’m preparing a new post, I have to first dig into the problem I want to write about. This way I acquire a lot of knowledge which pays off in the future.

By writing a blog you are also automatically joining the community. Even if you are passive, people know about you and send you emails to ask questions. And often these questions might be challenging for you, so to answer you have to first find a solution and this way learn something new… As you can see it is worth writing your own blog. And seeing that your writing is helpful to others is really satisfying!

Try out frameworks and develop your own opinion

We have loads of JavaScript frameworks these days and knowing all of them is impossible. On the other hand, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the ones you are using in your work! This way you will loose track of novelties and it will be hard to catch back up. That’s why you should always know what’s on top at a current time and you should try these new solutions on your own.

And what’s most important for me, you should try to develop your own opinion about these new frameworks or libraries. If you have an opinion about something it means that you understand it well. And that’s what every JavaScript Ninja should try to achieve.

Gather experience

The best and the most obvious way to get experience in JavaScript is working as a Front-End or JS developer. At work you encounter real problems and have the determination to solve them – they pay you for that so you can’t be lazy 😉 Additionally, you will most likely work with other experienced developers so you can learn from them.

But there is another way. Even if you work as a Front-End developer you can also join some open-source project or create your own. I think the first option might be better because if you make a Pull Request to GitHub, it has to be checked by someone else – this may confirm if you created good code and if your solution is accurate.


As you can see, it is not easy to become a JavaScript Ninja. But if you love the work, it is not so hard. Unfortunately, to be a virtuoso in every area you should spend an immense amount of time practicing. Nothing else to programming – only learning and practice together with years of experience will make you a great JavaScript developer! So get back to work! 😉

  • Sebastian Wąsik

    Good article. Thanks 😉

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    Thank you! It was Very helpful for me!