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3 signs that you should change your front-end job


In my two previous posts, Interviewing front-end developers and How to prepare for an interview for a front-end developer, I wrote about getting a front-end job. This time, let’s talk about a situation when you have a job already (of course in a front-end context). After some time doubts may appear. That’s why today I will share my thoughts about how to recognize that it’s time to move on.

Lack of salary raises for a long time

I think, this might be the most obvious reasons to quit 😉 But I’m not saying it is the most important!

You are usually happy with your salary just after your work for new employer has started. But after a year, maybe earlier, maybe later, you will expect that your pay will rise. And it’s completely OK for me – you worked hard, your experience increased a lot, and your value for the employer is probably on a much higher level.

Unfortunately, many employers do not understand this. Sometimes they don’t want to give you any more money, sometimes they give you a raise but it’s not enough for you. In my career, I experienced the second situation and it wasn’t pleasant…

So, if you feel that you deserve more for your engagement and experience you should start to think if this particular place is the one where you want to stay.

Your growth slowed down

If you are a front-end developer (but this also applies to developers specialized in other areas), you should, and more likely want, to constantly grow your skills all the time. Actually, this is rarely possible at the same company for your whole life 😉

When you’re stuck in a project which started two years ago, it probably uses some old technologies. In a front-end world, things change almost every day and we, front-end devs, want to try all the new frameworks/libraries. Of course you can and should do this on your own, making pet projects etc., but nothing increases your skills better than a real, production project.

You are very lucky if you have an opportunity to change the project within the company you are working for. This might be refreshing for you and will make you stop thinking about the big change. But this doesn’t, unfortunately, happen too often.

I think that at some moment of your career, when your salary is on a satisfying level, this is the most important reason to leave the current employer. Your skill set and experience are your greatest advantages. You should not let yourself to stop growing. Otherwise you will get more and more lazy – the longer you stay in the current company the more difficult it will be to change your job.

Bad atmosphere in the team

I think it’s crucial to have a workplace where you feel comfortable. This should be important for you as well as for your employer. Only a team of people who like each other can make the maximum effort.

Actually, I have never encountered such a situation in my career but I have heard stories from my friends. I think there are only two solutions for this: change the team if possible (similarly to the previous paragraph) or leave. This of course depends on the company size – the bigger the company, the bigger the chance to change the team within the company.

If you decide to change your job because of described situation, you will probably feel better and won’t regret your decision.


The decision to leave the company you work for is always tough. I think it is easiest when you feel bad in the team. I have never been in such a situation – I always quit my job when I was dissatisfied with my salary or when I felt that my growth had stopped. No matter what the reason for your move is, it is better not to put it off.